One more time: What’s the best replacement for Corroless?

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    I apologize for asking a question that’s been raised several times on different forums, but I’m going to ask it again because I’m still not sure of the answer! Here’s the background:

    Several years ago I found rust breaking out on several enclosed and underbody areas (trunk cavities, suspension brackets, etc.) of my “daily driver,” and since I didn’t have a lot of time to address the problem, I just wire-brushed them and painted them with an Eastwood product called Corroless. At the time this was advertised as “converting” the rust to a more stable form and then coating it so further rust wouldn’t occur. It didn’t seem to me that such an easy-to-use product could do much, but I figured it was better than nothing.

    This past week I was doing some cleanup on the car and decided to check the areas I had painted with Corroless. They were PERFECT — absolutely no further rust development whatsoever. Even exposed underbody parts such as towing eyes still had the coating intact.

    This impressed me because last year, when some rust spots broke out elsewhere on the car, I had found that Corroless was no longer available and had tried another company’s product, called “Rust Bullet,” which has a lot of impressive test results and testimonials on its website. Maybe I didn’t use it correctly or something, but the areas I had painted with Rust Bullet (two coats, per the instructions) already have rust breaking through them again, while the Corroless areas are still rust-free even after 3 times longer exposure.

    Now, not only is Corroless no longer available, it’s not clear to me what current Eastwood product is the most comparable to it. From the information on p. 72 of the June catalog, it appears that I now need THREE products (Rust Converter to neutralize the rust, Rust Encapsulator to seal it, and Chassis Black to coat it) to do what Corroless used to do in ONE step!

    That can’t be correct, can it? Does Eastwood have a one-step product that produces results comparable to Corroless? If so, what is it?


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