Old Sunnen valve tool

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    I found this at a junk store, and picked it up mostly out of curiosity, not knowing what it is. I found the company that made it, Sunnen, was still in business, and emailed them, asking what it was. They sent the following text as a response: “This tool was used to mechanically grip and position valve stem keepers during installation of valve springs and retainers. They were especially useful when working on flat head design engines. I believe manufacture ceased in the late 1950’s. If you restore old cars, it is still very, very useful.”

    And so, my curiosity about the tool is satisfied, but, I don’t really have any practical use for it, not being someone who works on cars. Since they said it was useful to someone who restores cars, I figured I’d ask on a forum if anyone would have any use for it.

    If you could make use of it, shoot me an offer. I don’t know if it’ll be useful to anyone, and I don’t even know if it’s complete. It has a small amount of rust in one spot, which is visible in the photo, but aside from that, it seems undamaged, and in good repair.

    I can provide more/larger pictures if anyone needs them.


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