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    (for starters, this is a piece for my own car and I was trying to be creative)

    This is what I did with it:
    1. I powdercoated a section of it with starlight red and fully cured it last night.
    2. This morning, I put a vinyl ‘corvette’ decal on it and coated it with smoke chrome
    3. I put it in the oven to flowout for 6 minutes, removed it, let it cool and removed the sticker.
    4. Finished the smoke chrome curing for 15 minutes. (on top of the 6, since its thin metal it heated up to temp quickly)
    5. Clearcoated it and cured for 25 minutes.

    When I took it out, the red had come up through the smoke chrome. It hadn’t showed up until the clear coat curing. Did I maybe not fully cure the smoke?

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