Ok, did some searching, now I have some specific coating questions.

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    I’m FINALLY finishing my booth this week and want to start some new “projects” so that I can add some items to my “portfolio” and to get more practice in general.

    I have some specific questions on 2 topics, Flow Out and Hot Coating.

    Let me start with the disclaimer that I have searched and read a few documents, but I need a little more detail and info to fill the gaps. I’m using a hobby gun with EW and Rosey (Ebay) powders.

    Flow Out:
    I know that this is the point where the powder liquifies, but what is important about it? I’ve read mention of adding second coats at the first point of flow out, etc… How do I know that it’s at full flow out? Will an IR thermostat help with determing it?

    Hot Coating:
    So I have a valve cover, sat in the oven for 20m at 400 degrees. I take it out and then IMMEDIATELY apply the second coat? Benefit, disadvantages? If I’m doing 3 coats, I understand that the hobby gun’s lower voltage becomes an issue with grounding, hence doing it while it’s hot to start the flow of the 3rd coat, but what else?

    I’m also finalizing my website and pricing structure as well shipping details and such.

    I’m thinking $10 per cyl for valve covers, calipers $100 to $200 depending on the work needed and $15 a foot for intake and turbo piping. Buyer would be paying for return shipping as well.

    Is that fair? Suggestions?

    Do you have customers mail items to your house (for those working out of the garage/basement)? If not, then where to?

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions.

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