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    64 Comet

    The question I am asking I am sure you have been asked many times before but would like to check it out any way just one more time.

    I have a 64 Comet/w 260 engine that I am restoring, in between working on it I do drive it to different shows. It is my intention to rebuild the engine in the future but not at this time but when I drive it I want to make sure that I do not cause unwanted damage to the engine.

    The electronic oil gauge that was original with the car was reading a low oil pressure that I did not feel comfortable with. I ran a pressure check with a oil pressure gauge that I purchased from NAPA. The test gave the following results, at cold start up 55 PSI after 20 minutes running the pressure was holding at 23 PSI at 2,000 RPM it went back up to 45 PSI.

    I replaced the electronic gauge with a mechanical gauge so I could see just what I had during operation. Again on cold start up I had 50 PSI after running it again dropped to about 23 PSI. Out on the road it did not go much above 23 PSI, when I returned home the pressure dropped to 10 PSI sitting at idle, but would rise if I increased the RPM.

    The manual I have for this car says the oil pressure should be 35-55 PSI. People that I have talked to say that as long as I have 20 PSI I should be OK for now. I do not drive this car like it is a muscule car, it drives good and have not heard any knocks or any thing that may indicate damage or poor operation.

    What can I use for oil or a oil additive to help increase the oil pressure or should I just park it for now. It runs good with no ill affects. I have taken it for some outings around 60 miles round trip. Please help and put my mind at ease.

    I read a artical in Hemmings which started that if you have 10 PSI for every 1,000 RPM you should be in safe territory? Still waiting news from the experts many days later.

    Thank You

    64 Comet

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