Oh boy, I think I did it wrong.

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    Ok, I think I had beginners luck and now the reality of this new hobby has hit home. Below are some pics of a couple of brackets of my car. They were intially done in high gloss black from EW. I got the bright idea to go back and clear them with clear from Ohio Custom Coatings. I followed the label and well, it did not turn out so well! 😮

    When I applied the clear powder, I noticed it did not attract as well as the black, so I blew all of it off and scraped a better ground. I think it went better but when I hit the powder it still didnt look right. Not knowing any better, I threw it in the oven. It came out with white areas on it. Some of the clear flowed out real nice, others not so nice.

    I tried a second part thinking I need to apply heavier. Same thing. I tried to scrape the clear with my finger nail. I was able to leave a very noticable scratch in the white areas as if it was soft. The other areas were hard as a rock.

    All parts were cleaned with thinner and blew dry before powder was applied.

    Any ideas and thanks for the great new hobby!



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