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    Hey guys quick question. I built my oven and I’ve been using it for a few jobs now. I used “extreme weather” alluminum tape from Home Depot, it says it’s rated to up around 275 deg. to seal up the seams in the sheet alluminum I used for the oven walls. I know our ovens get hotter but that’s the best I could find. I know some of you have used it before as well.

    I used mineral wool for the insulation.

    Question: I’m getting a lot of offgassing (which was expected with new materials). I assume this is mostly from the alluminum tape adhesive?? Aside from actually calling the manufacturer for the MSDS, do any of you know the potential danger from these fumes?? I have been coating with the garage door open and a fan blowing the fumes out for now but the smell is managing to permiate the house pretty well and I don’t want to take any chances.

    ALSO: how long do you guys typically get offgassing until it subsides??

    Thanks for any help

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