Now THAT’S Customer Service!!

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    Seemed like a good place to post this, and I wanted to make a point of doing so. Just when I was beginning to think that customer service was going the way of the wooly mammoth and the dodo bird, Eastwood restores my faith!

    I had a couple of damaged products in an order I received yesterday evening, so I fired off an e-mail to Eastwood describing the situation. This morning I received a phone call from a very pleasant female representative of the company, and when all was said and done (in a very short time, I might add…) they will simply replace the damaged goods. No himhawing around, no “fill out this damage report and this requisition…”, or anything of the sort. I’m just tickled pink.

    Kudos to the Eastwood Company for actually making the customer feel like they care! I’ll certainly continue doing business with them!

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