Not Again- Another Rust Converter Vs. Encapsulator Question- Please advise

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    New user here, I just purchased the Rust Converter-Encapsulator-Chassis Black Aerosol spray package. I have searched the forums, stickies and Googled but did not find a clear definitive answer. I am using these to remove rust on the under body of my car.

    I understand the part about Converter for heavy scaly rust, Encapsulator for light surface rust. Both had instructions that say do not spray on paint.

    1. I read that rust converter will not work on bare metal or painted surface. However, if I do get the rust converter on painted or bare surfaces, do I have to clean it or can I just let it sit and dry with no adverse effects? I plan to apply the Encapsulator and Chassis Black as topcoats. I am not sure if the Converter will eat into the non-painted and non rusted surfaces and make things worse.

    2. Does the Encapsulator chemically ‘convert’ rust like the rust converter or does it just insulate rust from spreading? If it is just bonding/masking with rust but not converting it, wouldn’t the rust come back eventually?

    3. Cost aside, any downsides with using a light coat of Rust Converter even on surface rust followed by the encapsulator and paint? Is it a bonding issue or would the converter be too harsh on these surfaces?

    I plan to start this project today, any advise is much appreciated.

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