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    Howdy all! As a long-time Eastwood fan, I’m embarrased to say I’ve just now discovered the website. I’ve been fabricating streetrods and scooters for over 30 years for everyone else, except for myself; well, I did start several projects – one 23 years ago, and the other 15 years ago – both of which have been in storage until recently. My 23-year-old is a ’65 VW Karmann Ghia that I actually drove stock for about nine months, before I decided to rod it. I first gutted it and then split it down the middle 12″; I then built a combination square-tube/round tube backbone-style frame with a full 1-1/2″ rollcage; it has a tilt rear, tilt front, and suicide doors. The motor is a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT 455 in a mid-engine configuration; Chip Foose Nitrous IIs with Sumitomo HTRZ II rubber.

    After sitting for so long in storage, I’m now able to begin work on it again. As you can see, there is some light surface rust I have to remove. Which is what led me here. I really can’t take the car anywhere to have it sandblasted, as it would be extremely expensive, so I’ve resigned myself to doing it in the garage. My brother and I did this to his ’63 VW Bug, and it turned out pretty good – but it was a dirty job! I’ve been thinking of just wirebrushing as much as possible and then using the Rust Encapsulator, followed by the epoxy coating.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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