No rust problem, but worried about preventing it

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    I’m working on a 77 Mazda Rotary Pickup, and the 70’s trucks (as well as the cars) were notorious for rust issues. I’ve had the frame sandblasted, and it’s totally clean, save for a few corners that need some attention from the wire wheel. I’ve ordered the combo pack of 1 can of Rust Encapsulator and 2 cans of Extreme Chassis Black. Although there’s no rust problem, I want to provide good protection. My original plan for the Rust Encapsulator was to use it as a primer. Now that the frame’s been blasted, it looks better than expected. Should I skip the Rust Encapsulator and go straight to the Extreme Chassis Black, or am I better off still priming with the Encapsulator?

    I considered THIS Chassis Black Primer, but paying $37 for 30 sq. ft (I’ll need two) doesn’t make sense unless it’s necessary.

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