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    Hobby welder

    So, about a week ago i got the replacement gun from eastwood. Havent used the welder until today, and no wire feed problems but i cannot produce a weld. All it does is spark at any amp setting, even at 135 amps. All i get is a measly spark and smoking wire, like light your glove on fire hot, though its not the orange/yellow glow thats usually associated with a high heat in steel. Any idea why this is? I’m thinking it’s internal, the gun seems to be fine with a crisper trigger and is more sensitive.

    Hate to ask but what is wrong with this $300 POS? I’m currently unable to replace it or ship the thing back to Eastwood due to the money I’ve lost, I have no 230v plug, and so….

    I do horseshoe nicknacks and art, I missed the fourth due to the wire feed��, more than likely after the fourth I could have gotten a Miller 140 with auto set. 

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