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    The other day I was shooting some parts with white and candy purple. I preheated the part to 145 degrees, hooked up my ground and started to shoot the white. There was no attraction between the part and the powder. The powder that touched the part just slid right down the part. I checked my ground and it was fine. The gun was reading 90kv and seemed to be working fine. I touched the gun to the part and then re shoot. The powder started to attract , but I had to hold the tip about 2 inches away. After I coated about half of the part I could then hold the tip back at about 6-8 inches and it coverd just fine. Also when it first started to attract to the part the powder was clinging to the part in the form of little balls. Anybody got any ideas of what is going on?????? The next part did the same thing in candy purple.???????????????????????????????????????????????


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