No fuel to carb???

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    Ultra Al

    Im wondering what to do next here. My project is a 1983 K5 Blazer, short block 8, carburated. I wasn’t getting fuel to the carb so I first disconnected the gas line to the fuel pump inlet and put an air hose in the gas tank, kind of uses a rag to seal the filler and shot some air in and sure enough gas came out the end of the line. Hooked it back up and unhooked the fuel pump outlet to carb line, cranked the engine, no fuel. Replaced the fuel pump with a new one (PITA!). Still no fuel coming out I have a clear inline filter between the fuel pump and the carb and there is no fuel in there?? How come?? Any suguesstions on what to do next would be appreciated. BTW I can shoot a little starting fluid in the carb and it fires and tries to start. Im puzzled. Also, when I put in the pump I removed the bolt from the engine block and installed a piece of flat spring steel about 1/8 inch wide and Im sure the rod was up besides if it wasnt I would not have been able to bolt the fuel pump on. Near as I can tell you can only accomplish the installation when the rod is up. Hmmm. Al

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