Nitro-Stan: Who’s used it? Who likes it? Alternatives?

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    Hello all,

    My first post here on the Eastwood forum. I might as well just jump right in and ask for opinions on this product as my initial post.

    I grew up using this stuff (the red putty, Nitro-Stan) in the 1970s over primer surfacer and under acrylic lacquers and acrylic enamels. we have lots of newer topcoats to choose from not to mention all of the great custom colors, etc.

    So, let me get to the question:
    Since the 70s, how has Nitro-Stan stacked up against current and similar alternatives?
    The only other alternative I am familiar with is a softer, green putty from 3M, I believe and it was one that I did not necssarily like due to it’s soft texture when cured. it just seems like it would not support later primer and top coats, so I’ve stayed away for it.

    Are there newer, better things on the market to fill pinholes, sand scratches, etc left from plastic body filler and other body work that can be used in place of Nitro-stan?

    Do you like this product?

    Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

    Ralph M Bohm

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