next project is 1977 feild and stream e350 ford rv

Posted: November 19, 2005 By: Ghost

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    Ok let me update everyone…the jeep I found out that I only needed a torque converter and the front and rear seals. still not in completly. I had my RV at a garage where i live and they were susposed to take out 460 fix and reinstall it. what happen was i paid the man and have motor sitting in back yard apart. It needs cam,lifters,valves,gaskets,I can get all of that after I save a lil. But here is my issues…. 1 I have no clue what the hell im doing and cant find anyone reliable my harley just got rear fender rewired and I did it. thank god its only 12 volts. didnt hurt that much… 2 noone around me I know or trust well enough to depend on to help me until job is complete.Does anyone know of any classes that I can take maybe 3 hours aday so that i can get the knowledge on how to do this stuff I already have 2 jobs and 2 projects im working on thats what I need more to do. but Need to goto classes if possible in south ca area around palm springs??/ Please let me know Ghost

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