Newby: First Car….help!

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    This is my first attempt at building a hot rod…my problem….replaceing floor pans….got the pans, cut the floor out[where the rust was ] have punched the holes for plug welding, ready to weld the pans in place….Question; I have sanded the surrounding area with a 4 1/2 grinder to expose bare metal to weld…, should I paint the entire area with a rust stopper of some kind, SPRAY the area with a rust encapsulator? Some how I have to stop the rust in the floor area, but in so doing I coat the metal with what-ever and now can’t weld[get a good ground]. what is the correct proceedure to kill the rust, coat the metal weld and then cover with undercoating?….thanks in advance Paul
    ps while I have your attention… I need a 110-115 volt mig welder to weld floor pans as the one I have have even turned off burns thru the old floor pan material…….again, thanks

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