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    hi guys —

    i’m a brand-new member here, and am hoping to take the plunge & do a little powdercoating. bought a basic hotcoat gun last week.

    the parts i’m hoping to coat are basically flat aluminum discs, about 3″ in diameter, made out of 18 ga sheet, with a brushed finish on one side. i want to coat them with candy gold (yellow) on the brushed side — nothing fancy. i bought a used toaster oven for curing & am hoping to coat & bake maybe 12 pieces per curing batch. i’ve got a piece of steel mesh grid that i’d like to lay the discs on & spray them lying flat, with the lead clamped to the grid for charging the parts (as opposed to hanging each one). then i’d like to move the uncured parts with a small spatula onto a cookie sheet for baking, so as to not get a bunch of baked-on powder building up on the steel grid.

    here are my questions at this point, if someone could offer any insight:

    1. once parts are sprayed, will the powder kinda stay in place before curing as long as you don’t bump the part or touch the powdered areas? or does the powder start falling off as soon as the electricity’s disconnected? don’t know how that works, nor how fragile a freshly-sprayed surface is.

    2. i live in western michigan and have no heated space to work in. can i spray powder in my unheated garage, as long as the area’s not too damp? it’s been in the 20’s to low 30’s here lately.

    3. (this is a really stupid question — sorry) when powdercoating, is the part charged positive and the gun/powder negative, or vise versa? the reason i ask is that, if i can spray the parts on the above-mentioned grid, i’m wondering if i’ll have to have the grid suspended or somehow electrically isolated from ground when spraying, or if i can just have it laying on a workbench. it would seem like, if the part was charged negative, it wouldn’t matter if it touched ground. somehow, though, i’m thinking that the gun is negative in powdercoating & the part positive, so it probably does matter what the part is touching.

    thanks, guys! i’d appreciate any input!

    drew joseph

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