Newbie with 82 Toyota 4×4 Restore on frame and body

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    Well I picked this little gem up in Seattle for around 3k and I love to drive this old truck. I am modifying it but mostly just finishing the truck off. I’m pretty handy with a wrench but what I have almost no clue about is paint and rust. She has a rattle can job on her right now and it fails pretty miserably for what I want to drive day to day. I found Eastwood’s products very very interesting and it seems like the solution for the frame and body resto that I want to accomplish. What I don’t know… what I need to get lol. I’ve read about a lot of the products and I have an idea but after a while it gets confusing….especially when it gets to body filler and sanding/sandblasting etc etc on the body. Here are the pics and from there I’ll let the advice start. This is my first restoration of hopefully quite a few. I love yotas and have quite a few on my list that I would like to get my hands on.

    Ok what I’ve come up with for a shopping list is this from Eastwood. I think I’ll stick with Eastwood except for the bed liner product which is Raptor made by Upol.

    For Rust:
    EW Pre
    EW Rust Converter Aerosol
    EW Internal Frame Coating Kit

    For Underbody/Frame:
    EW Rubberized Undercoating

    For Body Prep??
    No idea but I am interested in the toughest stuff out there for paint. Anything that can handle rocks/brush is great.

    Top Coat:
    I know I want a two tone paint job of a Cyan blue and white for the top part of the truck. The lowest 6″ of the truck will be covered in bed liner as well as the wheel wells.

    Engine, Tranny, Transfer Cases: I just want the engine not to rust. I figure a high temp aerosol would do the trick but I’ve heard powder coating would do the job as well. I just didn’t want to put the whole engine in an oven…..and I don’t really want to take the engine apart to the block to paint it either.

    EW Thermocoustic liner for the doors, firewall, floor and walls
    I don’t think I have rust inside the cab….but I’m going to remove the interior except for the guts of the dash to check anyway.
    The interior will probably be carpet in the end but I haven’t decided yet.

    This is the first thing that is happening to the truck. Without the body and frame intact I won’t be able to drive the truck till the wheels fall off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I did find the original stripes for the side of the truck and I’m still working on new badging. Also I don’t know if I can save the tailgate either….I would like to though instead of finding another one. Oh and I have no idea how much of this stuff I need. I just want to make double sure that I do this right the first time.

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