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    Hi Guys

    Just joined up but been lurking in the back ground for a few weeks just having a look round and looking at other threads.

    I run a parts restoration company here in the UK and we are going from strength to strength as the weeks pass by.

    We are a relatively new company and currently sub contract out powder coating out at the minute but this is causing more headaches by the day due to booking slots in and delays if PC gets an emergency job in. They are a big firm and do steelwork etc so my parts get put to one side so to say and are done when there is time.

    As you can imagine this is no good for me when my customer is on the phone asking where his parts are so I have give it some thought and I want to do all my powder coating in house at our workshop.

    I already have a pressure blast cabinet, degreaser etc and I am 80% finished with building a spray booth. Its only 1250mm wide x 700mm deep x 1000mm high but this will do for now while we get things rolling. I made it so that it can be extended length ways in case we get bike frames etc which is highly likely as a friend of mine is a custom bike builder

    I have been looking at various powder coating machines and its a bit mind boggling with all the different reviews etc

    There are companies here in the UK that sell machines but there prices are huge and a bit out of our range at the minute until we get rolling but I have come across one on eBay. It’s a box fed Eurotec unit, model C85D.

    Can someone take a look at it and give me some feedback on it.

    Substrates we will be coating is mainly vehicle parts like suspension, running gear, wheels, brackets, possibly bike frames etc

    Will this machine be a bit OTT for what I need it for ??

    Any help from you guys would be much appreciated as i only have an hour or so before this item ends.


    Chris @ PRP

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