Newbie Trying to learn Dodge Challenger

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    I’ve wanted a classic Dodge Charger or Challenger since I was a little kid and Now that I have a steady job decent income etc I’ve decided to try and make it a reality. So naturally my first stop was here to learn, I have intermediate mechanical skills I was a machinist Mate on Submarines and I’ve worked as a mechanic on Industrial Manufacturing equipment (none of which I would assume translates to automotive knowledge) I know the very basics of Car Mechanics Changing oil, changing brakes, stuff like that. For now I just wanna know What are the Absolute must haves Tool wise for car restoration and what are some good questions to ask If I’m going to buy a fixer upper. More specifically I’m looking at THIS Challenger And I dont wanna get taken for a ride. Once again ANY advice is appreciated If it seems like I’m overlooking something obvious Its because I dont know crap yet I’ll soak up ANY knowledge you guys have to give.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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