Newbie, should I try this myself?

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    Hi guys I’ve been reading this forum for a while trying to decide if I should give this a go myself or pay somebody to do it. I have some bbs wheels that I’m trying to prepare to clearcoat. I used aircraft stripper to take off most of the clearcoat, so now I have some wheels with corrosion on them. I started to sand it off and it seemed to work well, but I wonder if I should just pay somebody to have them sandblasted. I probably need to re-clearcoat the entire wheel. If I don’t I’m just guessing the corrosion would spread in any spots I didn’t and start the whole mess over again. What would you guys do? I’m thinking about ordering a gun and putting a layer of clear powder-coat on myself. Also if there’s anybody out there from Minnesota, give me a shout.

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