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    Alright well like the title says Im a newbie to all the powder coating stuff. A buddy of mine is going to be doing all the work, I just bought the materials. The parts being coated are for my car ie. brake calipers, valve cover, and random brackets and such. I have purchased the Copper Vein, Argent Silver Base, and Black Stardust. Now my question is on the Black Stardust it recommends that it be applied over a Silver Argent base coat or polished metal. How dire is this to the outcome of the color? I was under the impression that a powder coat was full coverage and would not allow a color or stain or such to show through once applied. Is this incorrect? Or is the Black Stardust more like a clear with black added in so that it allows the silver base to show through? Let me know as I need to tell my buddy what and how to apply the powders to which specific parts. Most likely the valve cover and all the random brackets will be powder coated in the black stardust. Just looking for the best outcome and how to go about getting it.

    I also read through some posts and noticed that on the vein colors they require a bit more heat and time to cure. Can someone provide me some specifics on temp and time in order to achieve the proper outcome. The copper vein will be used on the brake calipers for reference. I know it needs to reach temp quickly as to aid in the proper outcome. Any other tips or tricks I should know about with this color choice?

    One final thing, do the parts need to be preheated before the powder is applied? I thought I read somewhere in the posts that heating the parts first then coating them can achieve a better result as well. Is this only for specific colors or types of powders or something? Or different types of materials the powder is being applied to?

    Sorry for so many questions but like I said Im new to all of this and want to try and get the best results possible.
    Thanx and any help is much appreciated.

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