newbie parts prep confusion-need guidance please

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    I’ve been reading the posts trying to understand the proper prep steps, but I’m very confused.
    I know I will usually need to media blast. It’s the procedures to take before and after blasting that I need specific guidance.
    I’ve seen posts about using Picklex, phosphate, muratic acid, acetone, brake cleaner, aircraft stripper, de-ionized water, rinse, don’t rinse, air blow dry, avoid flash rust, etc.
    I haven’t been able to grasp a certain, definite set of steps to follow.
    It seems I should use phosphate so the powder adheres well. I would like to avoid harsh chemicals as much as I can.
    I’ve seen that the prep for steel can be different than the steps for aluminum.
    Could someone tell me a definite step by step procedure to take in prepping for each (steel and aluminum)? An old greasy part vs. a new part?

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