Newbie, looking at powder coating wheelchair spinners

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    I have not yet done any powder coating but am considering it for this project. We have made 2 custom wheels with spinners for a child’s wheelchair but would like some input before I decide. There is one place not too far away that I will talk to about doing it but I like learning something new and am pretty handy.
    The wheels themselves are 1″ thick aluminum and about 8-1/4″ OD. The spinners are .080 aluminum and 8″ OD. All of the parts are new and machined. Whet I think I would like to do is coat the wheels with a chrome and the spinners with a gold and I think a clear on both of them. I am sure being so different in mass they will need to be treated different. I have no problem finding an old stove for the baking if needed.
    If you think it’s best to have them done by someone please say so, I live in SE Wisconsin and after looking around I did find a place J & J powdercoating in Zion IL, if someone know of someone else let me know.

    Thanks, Tim
    Here are some pictures of what I am doing.[ATTACH]3579[/ATTACH][ATTACH]3580[/ATTACH][ATTACH]3581[/ATTACH][ATTACH]3582[/ATTACH][ATTACH]3583[/ATTACH]

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