newbie in the uk, advice on problem areas and mixing products

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    Hi all, I am having some problems deciding on what to use on my car.

    I have stripped back all the rubbery underseal from the front wheel arches and the paint off the engine bay. There has been a small amount of welding but for the most part the car was solid. Another problem area was the battery tray with surface rust from leaking battery acid.

    Now ive cleaned the metal using wire wheels. Its 50% bare metal and 50% grey primer that was originally on there. The primer is still holding well so i would rather not spend hours removing it!

    There are still some small areas left with surface rust i cant reach to clean off.

    As a temporary measure i have painted the bare metal with another rust converter (krust). I plan to rub this all back though to get to bare metal when i am ready to paint since it doesn’t seem to stick to the metal that well.

    Now in the UK we can only get half the range of eastwoods products. I really wanted to put the rubberized paint back onto the wheel arches but i simply cannot get it here in the UK. So im having to look at an alternative. Also in the engine bay i want to paint it the same color as the car so i need something i can paint over.

    I can get hold of easily Eastwoods
    – chassis extreme paint and primer
    – rust encapsulator
    – self etching primer

    Out of the question
    – eastwoods rubberized
    – eastwoods rust converter

    So, my questions

    – For the wheel arches will a coat of rust encapsulator direct to metal and primer stick ok. Can i use a different underseal product for a topcoat.. i am at a total loss what underseal to use to protect it from stonechips. Im guessing the chassis paint wont be rubbery enough to avoid being chipped?

    – Will me putting krust on as a temp measure cause issues with rust encapsulator? will rust encapsulator be ok on untreated surface rust since i cant get hold of the rust converter?
    – In the engine bay should i again put rust encapsulator direct to bare metal/primer. Once thats on what should i paint over it with (bearing in mind i want a top coat of 2k paint). Would some stonechip paint go on the bottom of the engine bay ok for added protection?

    Any advice would be welcomed.


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