Newbie here…Workin’ on a TR3

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    I’ve got a ’59 TR3A I’m doing a ground up resto on. I decided that I wanted to use lead for any body filler work that needed to be done, and the only place I could find the stuff neccessary was Eastwood. I know, this stuff can be hazardous, but with a little common sense, I should be OK. It took me awhile to get the knack of working with lead, but the results are great, and they will outlast me. I’ve gotten good enough where I can apply it on vertical surfaces without all of it winding up on the floor. Good body files peel the excess off and leave a really smooth finish that requires very little polyester filler for the scratches.

    I’ve been working on the project for about a year. I’ve got the chassis completely done, 90% of the body tub is finished, and I’m starting now working on the exterior panels.

    If everything goes according to Hoyle, I’m looking at next summer for a launch date. 😉

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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