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    Hi, I am Ken and I am deaf. I am currently working on converting my harley sportster into a dual sport motorcycle so I can ride it to places Harley generally can’t travel on during my Round The World trip. Yeah, I have pretty much stripped everything apart to pieces by pieces and rid of many heavy stuff replacing it with lighter stuff to keep the bike as light as possible.

    So it is obviously that with my bike in pieces, it is a good time to think about which parts I want to powder coat before I put it back together. I purchased Eastwood Powder Coating gun and two 1-lbs colors (vtwin black/orange). But for some reason I feel that is not all I will be needing? High Temp masking tape is on the list now and I haven’t processed to check out the cart yet because I wanted to check if there is something else I may need?

    And before I get to what I will do, I want to say I have no prior experience with the procedure of doing it properly other than to strip previous paint color, powder coat it, bake it to cure it. I currently have the gun and old double stove that I am not using for home cooking anymore.

    Here is few things I would like to powder coat and couple of things I am undecided:

    1) Fork piece(not the tube but piece that hold springs and tubes together)- want to powder coat it black and then airbrush letters “Harley-Davidson” on side. My thought of protecting airbrush paint is do I powder coat the clear coat over it? I was thinking of Super Gloss clear? Too much or ?

    2) Cam and Primary covers.

    3) Pegs.

    4) (Undecided) Strip the chrome (how?) from top rocker cover and powder coat it orange. I think there is a dechrome kit sold by Eastwood? But at this rate it is possible I might just leave the top cover chrome to match the highlight fins on heads (chrome looking)

    5) Both rims. It look like it is bare and probably need coating stripped before applying? I can take pics and post if want to?

    6) Triple trees and handlebar clamps.

    7) handmade aluminum fuel tank and aux fuel tank(before I put any gas in it!!)

    What would be best method for preparing steels and aluminum prior to powder coating? Would it be ok to prep them in similar method as if you prep for auto body painting before using the application of cleaning right before powder coating? And what exactly do you use to clean on each just right before spraying on?

    If it helps, I can take pics of all the items to get some helpful tips. Thanks in advance for helping me answer the question..

    (and yes, that is all I plan to powder coat then I will be done.. small project and would be a good learning and educated experience for me to add to endless of things I can do)

    Kindest regard,

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