Newbie heat gun/ bake time ?

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    I got my start in auto painting using Eastwood and had good results, so now on to powder coating. I am new to this and plan to do my 1st parts this weekend.

    I see that a infrared heat gun is the best way to verify temps. So my question is when using a heat gun will it detect the temp of the part through the glass window of a oven or will it pick up the oven temp? Or does the part need to be pulled from the oven and checked when you believe its cured? don’t want to loose heat.

    Where is the best place to get temp and baking times for parts? I’m new and don’t want to learn the wrong way. I have read several post not to use the ew baking times. I will be using ew powder. I like to be very accurate with my work and would like to find a calculated method.

    Thanks in advance

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