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Posted: October 2, 2006 By: danman

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    We’re in the process of building a large media blasting cabinet. The instructions we’re using say to use about 25 pounds of media in the cabinet. We’ll be using glass bead and aluminum oxide and probably something like Black Beauty depending on what we’re blasting. About how much space does 25 pounds of media use? Is it enough to fill a 5 gallon bucket for instance?
    We’re asking because we want to know what we’ll be able to use to dump the old media into after it breaks down and needs changing, which we will use to determine the height of the bottom of the funnel on the cabinet from the floor. We want to be able to dump the used media quickly and easily and are considering putting the cabinet on a platform to get a large enough waste container under the funnel.
    The cabinets we’ve seen in the catalogs look like the bottom of the funnel is only about 8 inches from the floor.
    Also, where do we get rid of the used media once it’s time to change it? Is it considered a hazardous waste because it contains old paint chips and dust?
    Thanks in advance. This forum is awesome and the knowledge you guys share is invaluable to me.

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