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    So, for some strange reason, I have decided to attempt to paint my sons truck. He it is below as it was when we bought it.


    So, I thought it had a really straight body. As I am taking off the top coat of red paint, I am learning it has very small dents all over. Working on getting that fixed now and ready for primer/paint.

    So, here is my plan and everything I understand from watching Eastwood videos.

    1 – Sand off and top coat/bad paint. I am using a DA sander and keeping it flat. Have been using 80 grit.
    2 – In many cases, I have had to go down to metal to get all of the bad stuff off and to use body filler.
    3 – Use a self etching primer on bare metal. I plan to give the whole truck a layer most likely to make sure I don’t miss any small spots. Is this OK to do over the factory paint?
    4 – Put on two coats of a 2k primer. Block and fill as necessary with 180.

    Now, after block and fill and I am happy, do I shoot paint right on top of that? Or do I need to recover all of my sanding with primer again? When do I wet sand?

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