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    I was at my jewelry store a month ago and not knowing you can get buffing supplies elsewhere, I asked the jeweler what he uses for polishing. He gave me a buffing pad and a stick of Fabulustre. The stick is as hard as a rock.
    I thought I could apply the compound with my electric drill and the buffing pad. Nothing happened, so I went back to the jeweler and explained his compound was too hard. He explained that I need a high speed buffer, 3500 rpm, for the compound to get onto the buff wheel.
    My question is from watching the Eastwood video on the basics, he used a electric drill and a conical buff wheel to polish a wheel. The electric drill does not turn at 3500 rpm. How can I apply my compound, which is rock hard, onto the conical buff wheel?
    Are the buff compounds sold by Eastwood more soft and are not depended on high speed to be able to get material onto the buffing pad or wheel?

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