Newbee PCer- 2nd coat?

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    I am coating parts for paintball guns. these are all alum which has been anoed or powder coated before. I glass beed blast the parts to remove all of the orginal finish. I blow off the pices with high pressure air and am very carful not to touch an of the metal I want coated. I do not use any sort of serface prep (other then the fresh blasting).

    I am using the “qoginal” hot coat gun and so far powders from the deluxe kit.

    I use 7psi with a water dryer at the compresser and a second dryer at the paint cabinet. I never get any water from the 2nd dryer, so I assume the air is “real dry”.

    I have had some good sucess with the orginal caoting. I am doing fairly small iteams like grip frames. On some of my peices, there were some thin areas near the edges, so I wanted to try a 2nd coat.

    on each of the times I have tried the 2nd coat, the results have been very poor. pasicly its like I can get powder to stick to one side then when I turn the frame to do the other side, the powder “blows off” the first side.

    Can the “orginal” gun be used for multi layer coating (I realy want to try some of the iridescent colors and some clear coats over powder (I currently only use the clear coat on the blasted alum.)

    I have read in some other threads suggestion that you preheat the parts before doing a 2nd coat- I have not tried this yet becasue it seems like I have a very good chance of screwing up the first coat.

    thanks in advance for any suggestions

    Craig (FOM)

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