Newbee needs some oven help.

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    I am new to this site and can’t believe the info and talent here. I am also new to powder coating. I do a lot of classic car resto work so I decieded to get my feet wet. My problem is with my oven. Dont laugh it was free. I am a little electricly challanged and need some advice on how to wire it up It is a grieve industrial oven. The emblem on the front lists it as 115volt 2400 amp. It has a really strange plug end on it. The following is a email from the manufacturer on the unit along with a few pictures if I can get them to post. What is the best way for me to wire this thing up? Thanks for any help.

    “We have no way of telling oven voltage without pulling the oven file. We would need oven serial number to pull the file. Serial number is located on the rear of the oven on a small silver plate. Oven is obsolete, but we still have most of the parts.

    You could check the motor voltage. The oven voltage is the same as the motor. A 230 volt oven did not have a cord and plug, it would be hard wired to 230/1/60. A 115 volt oven would have had a 30 amp 115 volt plug i.e.,NEMA 5-30 plug. A new 115 volt cord and plug for the MT-550 would be our part number PWRGRD10GA and is priced at $127.24. “

    Pictures to follow hopefully

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