Newbe question about PC rims.

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    Yes I am a newbee to the powder coating thing. I have been reading alot on here and have lurned alot. The PC gun that I am using is this click here And I have bought the powder from Eastwood. The gun works really well on bare metal. Now for the problem that I am having. I have a set of rims that I am trying to PC. They are already coating white with a clear on them. I am trying to get them black. But when I spray the powder it does not stick very will or not at all. I have read that you have to sand blast the paint off, or you can pre-heat them or even spray a primer on them.

    I dont have a sand blaster yet so that is out of the question. Any advice you can give me will help out alot. Like if pre-heating what temp do you pre-heat at? If primering them what primer will work best.

    Oh I have also attaced a pic of the rims I am talking about PCing.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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