New use for green tape

Posted: November 6, 2006 By: 2003z

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    Not really PC related, other than its PC masking tape.

    I went to a club driving school at Rockingham this weekend and was about to put the blue painters tape on my car on the rockers and fenders to prevent rock chips on the track (thats what everyone uses). Then I thought, why not green tape. It sticks well and leaves no residue. It worked great!

    btw, thats not a carbon fiber hood, its a hood bra. its new on the market, with several college logos and some auto designs. I am selling them to fellow track junkies so they don’t have to use tape and saran wrap.

    Also note my neon orange calipers! I thought I was original until I saw about 5 sets on different cars at SEMA hoodbra1_%28Medium%29.jpg

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