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    I latched onto a pressure blaster this weekend. It isn’t an EW model, but it appears to be exactly the same as EW no. 22006. Same dimensions, capacity, specs, etc. Probably same mfg’r.

    Holy cow! What a difference between that and the siphon cabinet or that rinky-dink blast from a bucket I had rigged up. I knew they worked better, but all I can say is “What took me so long?”. We’re still tinkering with the air pressure and the sand valve settings, but I swear that thing will take the brick off my house. Takes p/c down to bare metal in seconds. Heavy rust, peeling chrome, so far we’ve haven’t found much this thing won’t cut thru. Plus it’s cut the blasting time by way more than 1/2. I’ll have this thing paid for in labor savings in less than a month.

    Right now we’re just using sand and blasting to waste outside. As soon as I get my blast room finished, we’ll switch over to AO with reclaim.

    If you’re considering purchasing one of these machines, you won’t be disappointed.

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