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Posted: November 13, 2006 By: allisb48

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    I have a 70 VW i have been working on repairing this and that. I bought a MiG welder like Harbor Fright has. It’s one of those 110 units. I have replaced the floor pans and the front chassis support with it and have had fairly good results. I am now replacing the heater channels and some rusted body areas. I have been trying to butt weld the parts on because I don’t own a flanger. I have been very careful not to weld to much because the heat will warp the parts. I basically have tried to stop weld here and there to fill the gap. My question is am I doing something wrong with the welder because as hard as I try not to burn holes through I seam to. I have tried to keep the feed way down and still I have burn through. I stopped trying the other day and just practiced I had better results on the scrap. Any help with my project would be helpful. I would like to do this with as little filler as possible. At this point I think I should stop and have someone else do the work I think I am making a mess and I am not too happy with my results. I may think the welder is just not the unit I need also. What do you guys think. I’m on a tight budget but I could be causing more cost in the long run. I would like to say that I did it myself. Any help?

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