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    Hello All…I didn’t know Eastwood had this Shop Talk site! Very Cool.

    I started playing around with PC recently and set up a small shop in my heated garage. This forum will be a great help for the questions that always come up. My son and I have been refurbishing old Fords (mainly) since he was a pup and PC seemed like a good addition, especially when the old cars are all in storage during the cold winter months in NY State.

    I generated a small website: which shows some of our projects. I definitely need a bigger oven that the kitchen-type I’ve been using. I see some of you have built some. I really don’t want to invest thousands into a walk-in. Maybe I’ll bug some of you for info on that.

    Also, I have sandblasting issues with surging media, regardless of the type I use as I have moisture in the lines. I looked thru some of the posts and it looks like I need start by adding a lot of Copper piping to eliminate that. I have the dessicant/filters in place but they don’t cut it (yet).

    Look for me often ‘cuz I’ll have lots of questions ! Thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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