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    I’m going to apply PPG epoxy base sealer primer DP401 – I was told that this primer I will not be sanding at all. Then I will put on the sandable primer coat after. Question is, I was told to apply the base sealer Primer then do my filler work where needed and then spray the sandable primer. I have always applied the filler work to the Metal. I have never used the base sealer primer before and I thought applying the filler over this base was not correct. I have completed the metal work but need to understand the idea of putting on the base primer (non-sandable) before I use any fillers. Is this the correct way of doing this. On one of the sheets it says I need to apply two coats of base then wait overnight before applying any fillers to the body. Note, the car is completely bare metal at this time.
    I have Kevin’s five DVD’s and I can not thank you enough, they have got me this far and now I need some help, questioning the process!

    One other question is there a gauge to how much paint I should mix per area? Example front Fender priming how much paint should it take rough estimate. I’m trying to get each section down and primed. I’m planning on priming the roof in the next week. Any Ideas or suggestions!

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