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    Just wondering if anyone can help with a basic home / shed , set up ..
    im in the uk and found the eastwood systems localy 😀 ,plenty of electric ovens around etc. would like to get one to fit 17inch wheels in but for now as long as a ford probe inlet manifoold fits in then that will do 😀
    just wondering about compressors, . Was looking at AIRBRUSH KIT + AIRBRUSH COMPRESSOR AIR BRUSH COMPRESSOR
    or would it be best to get a normal compressor ?
    Poder coated a few items at a friends a while ago and all went well but he moved a while ago and aint heard from him since so cant ask about his set up or what extras i need ?
    regulators etc
    adapters for the airlines ?
    his set up was from electrostaticmagic

    any help would be great


    here some pics of results with his system and my first attempts
    the inlet manifold was finished in gunmetal and clear coat
    the cam cover , started , candy gold, then gunmetal and red middle then decided on just gunmetal and got a pearlescent type finnish :confused:

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