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    My name is Derrick and I am a minitrucker. Anyways I recently bought out a friend of mines small powdercoating shop. The Oven I have is about 6′ wide, 3 1/2 deep and 4 1/2 tall so I can do a pretty decent sized object. It is a homemade oven but, hey it works and is very well insulated .

    Im just askin for any tips, tricks or anything from the “pros” I have about 75 pounds total of powder, wide verity of colors. A Speed blaster and a 50 lb sand blaster, 60 gallon compressor, and 2 hot coat guns. What should I look into buying.

    Im bulding a room in the back of my garage to do the coating and the oven will be outside the door of the room. it will be 8 feet wide by 5 foot deep (8 foot celing) Iv read about needing exsplosion proof fans. What is the reason behind this. How exsplosive is this powder.

    Im just getting sick of paying people to do my work on my trucks and toys. I figure this is a good first step in doing stuff on my own plus a really good extra income.
    Thanks guys

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