New to Powder Coating and About to Purchase my Gear…. Advice Please.

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    I am a tired of prices changing and unreliable powder coating professionals where I live at so I’m going to teach myself.

    I’m not going to spend a ton on the oven right now. I will just be picking up a second hand oven on CL this week.

    I’m about to buy my gun and everything though. Should I go with EW or Harbor Freight? The EW hotcoat elite kit looks like it comes with everything that I need to get started. Most of the work that I do is motorcycle parts and a few car parts from time to time.

    Do I need to have dual voltage or is that primarily more for double coating. Like I said guys, I’m completely new to this and all ears at that.

    Can I use any powder with EW? Harbor Freight sells a lot and they are right around the corner from my house.

    I’ve watched a lot of videos and read a lot online about powdercoating and usually can teach myself to do anything so any help that you could provide would be great.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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