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    Just bought the Dual Voltage HotCoat Powder Coat Elite Kit, my question is……I am going to be powder coating some wilwood brake calipers I purchased. I had them powder coated from the company I bought them from and they totally disregarded all info I told them. They painted over the wilwood symbol and the yellow I had them do, some spots are green. Is that a primer of some sort? I got the mirror yellow in my kit and high gloss clear, Do I spray the clear right after I spray the yellow? Or do I put the yellow in the oven and then come back and spray clear?? Also, I am a sheetmetal mechanic for the military and I have a media blaster at work, should I blast the calipers so they are bare? Or scuff right over the old paint and spray away? Thanks in advance. Oh and the calipers are brand new never installed.


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