New To PC’ing and need some advice/help

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    Hey guys. Just wanted to say that because of what I have seen and read, is why I took an interest in PC’ing. So thank you all that share your experiences.

    Down to business. Sorry this is lengthy, just tryin to get as many answers and advice for my next PC fix lol. I bought an EW gun from a guy (dunno what model), it was used, but looked good in condition and came with some EW powders. I ordered a high performance tip, fluidizer and some Pre from EW. I dont have the instruction book, but I think my tip isnt on right, but not sure.
    Is the charge rod supposed to go all the way through the tip? And if so, how close to the tube should it be?

    Also, do I need these? Do I just use one at a time over the charging rod or what do they really do?

    So my first 2 projects, I’ve done some pizza grippers from my work, one in EW translucent violet and one in Rosey’s Candy Blue 120% Gloss. (Dont have pick of purlpe)
    As you can see in the pic, got some lighter blue and darker blue (guessing from when I did a second coat)?? Also seems that I got to much powder on on the first coat and it kinda ran when it flowed out.

    Here is where I tried to put on a second coat but think the part was way to hot still.

    So my process is Outgas, Pre, Outgas, shoot Rosey’s Quick Silver, flowout after 5 min, let cool to about 100 deg, shoot Candy Blue, flowout after 5 min the cure 10 min. Im wanting to do a clear once I start doing my car parts, but got to fix my bases first lol.

    This is what I was going for but I think I need to spray with a chrome base instead of the quicksilver, then the gloss blue then the clear??

    Almost done…. When i start using the clear, do I wait for flowout of the base, spray top coat, wait for flowout then spray clear and cure, or do I cure the topcoat then spray the clear?? Any tips and tricks for bringing out a good shine after the clear is on (specific is good, ie. 2000 grit, 3000 grit, buff)?

    And I hope last, what is the easiest way to thoroughly clean a gun between coats (base, top coat, clear)? So far seems to be a PITA.

    I apologize in advance for the amount of noobness contained in this thread. I know there a lot of pointers and help im asking for but we all started somewhere. To anyone that helps me, thank you so much in advance and answering/giving me advice on all my issues.

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