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    Hey guys, I’ve been playing around with the PC now for a few weeks getting ready to start doing parts for other guys. A buddy just sent me some spindles and other suspension parts that he wanted me to coat for him. After I got them, I realized that they are pretty rusty and I dont think I could get them in good enough shape with sandblasting them. So I was searching around online and found 2 different rust treatments. This is the only site I’ve found that has forums to help out, so I wanted to post both options on here and see what you guys thought.

    Option 1

    Option 2

    I was going to just get option 2 becuase I could spray it on, but then I found the stuff from EastWood and didnt know which was better…

    If it helps, I can post pics of the actual parts so you guys all know what I’m trying to clean up…

    Thanx in advance!!

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