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    This forum is simply fabulous for information. I’ve saved many advice items for reference from this forum.
    I’m new to Powdercoating. I have eastwood oven, booth, blast cabinet. I have a lot of interested people and business’s bugging me to do some work.
    Of course my first piece for profit had some problems. An aftermarket steering coupler for a 1960 T-bird. (High Gloss Black).
    I completed the following steps; Glass Bead blast, clean part with eastwood prepaint prep, outgassed part- oven 400 deg. / 20 minutes, then powdered part.
    Initially I thought I had particles/dirt under powder or somehow mixed in powder. After bead blasting coupler door down, I found new metal imperfections – bubbling, raised metal pitting, and squiggly engravings????
    Are their special precaution for ‘pot metal’? What happened? Help?
    I’ve attached a picture of the coupler door for viewing.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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