new to paint, wants to try water based?

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    OK, I’m ready to restore a pretty messed up 1991 rx7. lucky there is not much rust. i will take care of that.

    i want to use waterborne paint. now the question

    which paint should i get? looking to paint it with white. any brands that i need to look for?
    more important, which set of spray gun should i get?
    and which primer do i need for the water based paint?

    i will sand everything down to bare metal with 80 to 120 grit sand paper.

    i have a 30 gallon compressor and it can go 6 cfm at 40 psi, not planning to spray the whole car that same time, will do one panel at a time, that should be good enough right? or i should upgrade to a 60 gallon tank with double the cfm?

    thx guys!

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