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    Hey everyone, i have been reading through this forum for a couple weeks now, and have learned quite a bit about powder coating. I got myself a decent setup and have been doing a few small parts for practice, and i cant believe how nice they have turned out.

    On to the questions:

    first, i am planning on coating my oil pan off of my car, and since i blasted inside and out, i was planning on doing inside and out, but was concerned about any long term problems with having this stuff on the inside of my motor. Im worried that over time it will break down and mix with the oil, causing problems.

    second, is there a good way to remove old powdercoating? I have a few intercooler tubes that were powdercoated and i want to redo them in a different color. It seems like the blast cabinet doesnt remove this stuff that great.

    Thanks in advance, Hans

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