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    Hi steve,

    I think i have finally wore out you DVD i got with your beginer set up. I have put some hours into practicing your designs and have gone through all of the transparent sheets. I ham having a tremendously hard time with two aspects. Making turns and making lines sharp and crisp, can you give me some pointers as to what I may be doing wrong. Also should i practice just your straightline sheets, then progress through the curves up to designs or is it also good to go straight to designs.. Any advice you can give would be awsome as I am about ready to give it up, because I am that frustrated.. I have acctually put the brushes down for about a month now and I am not that excited about picking them up again.. I gotta tell you for me pinstriping is proving to be very hard.. Im begining to wonder if im waisting my time.

    Thanks for your time

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